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Applications are open for both Xbox & PC! Select Applications from the menu. Join our discord if you need help: www.bcrpc.net/discord If you didn't receive a verification email after making an account please open a ticket in our discord.
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    Welcome to BCRPC's New Site! New Members If you are interested in joining BCRPC make sure to create an account and after validating fill out a New Member Application for either Xbox or PC. If you have any issues please contact us on discord. Current Members Many links have changed so if you had bookmarks make sure to reconfigure them! To get your account setup first create an account and after validating fill out a Web Access Request Form. If you have any issues please contact TitanGod_#0193. Monthly Newsletters Our monthly newsletters will be returning soon and will be displayed on the homepage of the website.  Bugs If you notice anything that looks wrong or acts weirdly please report it to TitanGod_#0193 on Discord. - BCRPC Administration  
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