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"Professionalism & Courtesy"


Blaine County Roleplay Community is a role-playing community originally based on the Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V. BCRPC is a community that has been around since Dec 12, 2015.  It's a community you want to be apart of. We have been lead by our Commissioner, CheetahDrew, and supporting Administrative staff for the past 6 years and have taken the opportunity to expand to the PC in June 2019. 


We strive to also keep our member's needs and priorities first. Like every great roleplay community, we have our ups and downs. We're not perfect by any means, however, we do learn from our mistakes to better our community. Our administration has been listening to our member's needs and making adjustments and changes as necessary. At BCRPC you will have a purpose,  you will meet new people, and you will make unforgettable memories, and most importantly, you will have fun! If you wish to learn more about what our departments have to offer, then visit our PC Departments pages.

-CheetahDrew and Administration